When it comes to a product nowadays, it's all about the brand. Premier Spirit Brands is able to provide all the essential elements for a cheer and dance program. We are known to be your one stop choice when it comes to cheer and dance material. We specialize in custom cheer and dance choreography, skills camp, and apparel. We focus on what is highly important for you and your program, PS Brands is focused on meeting your needs as a company. All of our products and services have left great marks on the cheer and dance industry.


Premier Spirit Brands was originally founded by Lakeisha Davis, Keith Samuels, and Alphonso (AJ) Dixon. With the combination of their skills and talent, the trio has been seen as a strong force in the all-star industry. All 3 have a combined knowledge of 50 years of the cheer and dance world. They all have focused on meeting and going beyond the needs for programs in the cheer and dance industry. Their mission is to provide over the top experience for all of their customers. They believe in do not settling for less in choreography, camps, and custom apparel.